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Overton, Tennessee DUI Checkpoints

Overton, Tennessee
DUI Checkpoints
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City Location Time
Livingston Tn-111 and Tn-84 - Area South Livingston Wed Jan 1 - New Years Day, 2020
Rickman Tn-293 and Tn-42 - Area South East Of Tn-111 Tue Dec 31 - New Years Eve, 2020
Hilham Tn-85 and Tn-136 Fri Sep 20, 2019
Monroe Tn-111 and Obey Park Rd - Area Of Bridge Fri Aug 30, 2019
Hilham Hilham Hwy and Standing Stone Park Hwy Fri Jun 7, 2019
Rickman Tn-111 and Paran Rd Fri Mar 29, 2019
Monroe Tn-111 and Cherrytree Ln Fri Feb 22, 2019
Livingston Tn-111 and Tn-84 - Area South Livingston Wed Jan 1 - New Years Day, 2019
Allons Tn-52 - County Line Fri Jun 29, 2018
Livingston Rt-111 and Rt-84 Area Sat Mar 17, 2018
Livingston Cookeville Hwy and Monterey Hwy Area Sun Dec 31, 2018
Livingston Tn-111 Fri Dec 30, 2016
Monroe Hwy 294 And Independence Rd At Independence School Fri Sep 2, 2016
Livingston Monterey Hwy and Rickman Rd Fri Sep 2, 2016
Rickman Tn-293 and Tn-84 Fri Mar 11, 2016
Livingston Tn-52 Sat May 30, 2015
Monroe Hwy 111 and Cherrytree Ln Fri Feb 13, 2015
Monroe City Limits Thur May 5 Pm, 2011
Allons (Overton County) Undisclosded Locations Fri Jan 30 - Sat Jan 31, 2009


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Overton DUI News

MPD conducting DUI checkpoints at 2 locations Friday
8/9/2017 8:00:06 PM
MEMPHIS, Tenn. According to the Memphis Police Department, officers will be conducting two Sobriety...

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