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Monterey, California DUI Checkpoints

Monterey, California
DUI Checkpoints
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City Location Time
Marina Undisclosed Location - City Limits 7pm To 10pm - Sat Oct 31, 2015
Marina Undisclosed Location - City Limits Weekend - Fri Oct 23 - 24, 2015
Gonzales La-30 8pm To 3am - Mon Sep 1, 2015
Monterey Undisclosed Location - Monterey County Fri Sep 4, 2015
Salinas Undisclosed Location Fri Aug 21, 2015
Salinas N Main St and Laurel Dr Wed Jul 15, 2015
Greenfield Undisclosed Location Thur Jul 2, 2015
Salinas E Laurel Dr and N Main St Thur Jul 2, 2015
Monterey Carmel Valley Rd - Carmel Tue Dec 30, 2014
Salinas N Main Area Of Harden Ranch Thur Dec 18, 2014
Salinas N Main St and Navajo Dr Thur Aug 28, 2014
Salinas Monterey St and E San Luis St Thur July 3, 2014
Carmel Carmel Valley Rd and Carmel Rancho Blvd Fri Jun 13, 2014
Monterey In Monterey County Fri Jun 13, 2014
Salinas N Main St and E Laurel Dr Thur Feb 13, 2014
Salinas N Main St and E Alvin Dr Thur Dec 19, 2013
Salinas City Limits 6:30pm To 1:30am - Wed Sep 25, 2013
Salinas N Main St and Alvin Dr Mon Sep 2, 2013
Salinas Market St and Main St Fri July 5, 2013
Monterey 12th St Sat May 4, 2013

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Monterey DUI News

Monterey Park police to hold DUI checkpoint Friday
8/17/2018 5:00:10 PM
The Monterey Park Police Department will hold a DUI/drivers license checkpoint Friday night. The checkpoint...

Marina DUI checkpoint nets two arrests
2/8/2016 2:00:04 PM
Marina >> Police arrested two drivers on Saturday during a 2½hour DUI checkpoint on Reservation...

Christmas Weekend DUI Crackdown Hits L.A.
12/24/2015 11:00:15 AM
Authorities want you to know they’re out there. They’re even giving you details about some...

Salinas police, CHP release holiday DUI tallies
9/10/2015 5:00:26 AM
Fifteen people were arrested by the California Highway Patrol for driving under the influence, including...

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