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Santa Rosa, California
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If you are searching for a DUI Lawyer in Santa Rosa, CA then you have come to the right place! We have a comprehensive list of Local DUI Attorneys.

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6.  Law Offices of Paul Everett Carreras
   (707) 568-0300
   111 Santa Rosa Ave
   Santa Rosa, CA
7.  Law Offices of Wallace Coppock & Robert Bratberg
   (707) 293-6298
   1507 Amanda Pl
   Santa Rosa, CA
8.  Lynch Michael Attorney at Law
   (707) 523-2223
   1400 N Dutton Ave
   Santa Rosa, CA
9.  Marie L Case Attorney at Law
   (707) 546-3731
   444 10th St
   Santa Rosa, CA
10.  Peter Duarte Law Offices
   (707) 541-7100
   1400 N Dutton Ave
   Ste 21
   Santa Rosa, CA

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